STAMC is commited to deliver end-to-end services that span across various technical platforms and enable the most effective business-IT connectivity, simplifying business procedures and ensuring accessibility to the right data at the right time for the right decision-making capability.
Our experienced consultants who pride themselves with rich technology skills and thorough business understanding tap into their diverse resources of industry expertise to custom develop the most appropriate solutions.

Our team brings a deep understanding of mature methodologies that are essential for the success of any business. Our solutions effectively align IT with business imperatives, maximizing ROI from clients’ IT investments. 

STAMC’s team takes a collaborative approach to ensure highest level of business productivity and client satisfaction.
Core Values
Since its inception, STAMC has grown multi-fold by the guidance of our powerful core values that have enabled our clients to climb the STAIRS of success:
Satisfaction :  From start to finish, STAMC ensures client satisfaction at every step of the project implementation. Our collaborative approach helps us measure the degree of client satisfaction and incorporate valuable client feedback.
Trust : STAMC's reputation as a trusted partner is a result of our commitment to embed and foster trust in every partnership we undertake.
Integrity :  Our team observes stringent compliance with governmental laws and business ethics, embedding the highest degree of integrity in our partnerships. We put integrity and honesty at the forefront of all relationships.
Responsibility : STAMC assumes complete responsibility and ownership of all projects we undertake, as we believe our success lies in our clients’ success. Our team works with clients at every step to understand the nuances and apply the most effective solutions, ensuring the highest level of ROI.
Standards : STAMC is committed to deliver the highest level of quality on time and on budget in every engagement. Our services follow rigorous best practices, and commensurate with industry standards.