Recruitment Services
Recruitment Services

STAMC is also one of the fastest growing human resource services firm that deliver comprehensive HR and RPO services to leading companies in the United States and India.

We offer our clients a multi-dimensional value proposition that provides a broad range of economic, strategic, operational and human resources benefits. Armed with a wide range of skills and experience across technologies, we are equipped to provide staffing services that meet the needs of every client in the IT industry. With a driven focus on talent, STAMC is in touch with the best and brightest candidates throughout your community and is continually growing the pipeline for you to choose from.

STAMC understands that your business depends on technology and technology depends on talented people to keep your business running efficiently.

With STAMC, you can be rest assured that your company and reputation are our main priority. We constantly re-invent ourselves to understand your culture and business better. We realize that zeroing in on the right talent under stringent timelines is an art rather than a science. Though there are some common tools readily available to serve the purpose, what makes STAMC unique, is the constant lookout for new avenues and the smart usage of the existing tools. Our recruiters have been trained to look beyond job boards to find the best fit to suit your requirements